Fire Protection System Maintenance Part 1: Extinguishers

While extinguishers do carry expiration dates, they must be checked regularly to make sure they are ready for use in case of an emergency. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) recommends the following steps:

  • Verify that the extinguisher is easily accessible and that nothing will block access during an emergency;
  • Check that the pressure is at the right level, many extinguishers have a gauge that can be used to see if it is too high or low;
  • Ensure there is no damaged (dented) or corroded parts (container, hose, nozzle) that would make the extinguisher unusable during an emergency;
  • Clean the extinguisher regularly to remove the buildup of dust, oil, grease, and anything else that collects on the device;
  • Follow any additional instructions included with the extinguisher for regular maintenance.

Gate Keepers Fire & Safety can help with inspecting and maintaining extinguishers as part of an inspection of your fire safety systems. However, more regular checks are recommended and basic maintenance between inspections will reduce the risk of failure and the need for early replacement.

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