Preventative Fire Safety

When it comes to fire safety, it is important to remember that fire prevention is just as vital as your plan for dealing with an emergency situation in progress. Having an Emergency Response Plan that includes fire safety systems is a great start, but more is needed for preventative measures. Additionally, both the Emergency Response Plan and fire safety systems need maintenance specific to each to remain effective tools.

A fundamental part of preventing fires is an awareness of fire hazards. For a business, employees should be trained to recognize fire hazards, such as unattended flames and overloaded outlets. Once they are aware of the problems, it can be resolved before it becomes an emergency. Being proactive on a daily basis could prevent many escalations. In order to maintain awareness, employees need to practice being observant.

Such practice can be tied to another vital form of practice, that of your Emergency Response Plan. Regular reviews and occasional drills will keep the needed awareness and plans fresh in the mind. Maintenance is also important for your fire safety systems. Regular, professional inspection of such systems will reveal vulnerable areas so they can be repaired before there is an emergency.

By utilizing all the available avenues of defense, you can secure yourself against preventable emergencies, which in turn protects your employees, your customers, and your business. Neglect and forgetfulness can be just as disastrous as a lightning strike, and just as unexpected.

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