Basics of the Colorado Fire Code

Every Colorado business should be aware of these basic tenants of the fire code:

  • Fire sprinkler systems are required in some fire districts;
  • Commercial buildings are required to have fire detection and alarm systems;
  • Alarm systems must be monitored by an approved monitoring service, such as Gate Keepers Fire & Safety;
  • Commercial buildings must be equipped with portable fire extinguishers;
  • Employees must be trained to use extinguishers;
  • Fire department lock boxes must be installed on any buildings that contain a fire safety system. Keys should be provided to the fire district for use during emergencies;
  • Fire sprinkler systems, fire detection and alarm systems, and portable fire extinguishers are required to be maintained, inspected, and tested annually by a state licensed contractor, such as Gate Keepers Fire & Safety;
  • Kitchen fire suppression systems are required to be tested semi-annually;
  • The International Fire Code and OSHA require emergency planning, part of which includes planning for fire;

There is further information in some of our other articles on how to make an Emergency Response Plan and training your employees on fire safety. There are also many resources available online to make the process easier. For your inspection and monitoring needs, Gate Keepers Fire & Safety can keep your business up-to-date and prepared. Contact us today to get started.

For additional information contact a representative at Gate Keepers Fire & Safety at (303) 915-3670 or click here to send us a message.

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